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Australian Parliamentary / Australasian Parliamentary ("Australs")

This debate style used in Australia, but its influence spread to competitions held in Asia, and eventually referred to as the Australasian Parliamentary format. In this format, two-member team of three people each dealing in one debate, one team representing the Government (Government) and one team representing the Opposition (Opposition), with the following order:

1. The first speaker, the Government - 7 minutes
2. The first speaker Opposition party - 7 minutes
3. Both the Government speakers - 7 minutes
4. The second speaker Opposition parties - 7 minutes
5. The third speaker, the Government - 7 minutes
6. The third speaker Opposition party - 7 minutes
7. Opposition party closing speech - 5 minutes
8. Government party closing speech - 5 minutes

Speech cover (Reply speech) became the hallmark of this format. Closing speech was delivered by the first or second speaker from each team (no third speaker). Closing speech by the Opposition started first, the new Government.

The motion in this format is given in the form of a statement must be supported by the Government and opposed by the Opposition parties, for example:

(This House Believes that) Globalization marginalizes the poor.
(Session of the Council believe that) Globalization marginalize the poor.

The motion can be defined by the government within certain limits in order to clarify the debate to be conducted. There are rules that quite clear in terms of what can be done as part of the definition and what not to do.

There are no interruptions in this format.

Jury (adjudicator) in Australs format consists of one person or a panel of odd. In the panel, each judge gives his vote without going through the deliberations. Thus, the panel's decision can be unanimous or split decision.

In Indonesia, this format includes the first known so it is quite popular, especially among university. The competition debate in Indonesia using this format is the Java Overland Varsities Home Debate (JOVED) and Indonesian Bahasa Varsity Debate (IVED).

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